Can I Really Get A Scholarship?

There are many athletic and academic scholarships available in every sport.  The larger the number of coaches you reach out to, the greater your exposure and opportunities to be recruited and land a scholarship.  You can make a big impact on your recruiting process by making it easier for a coach by getting your player profile, highlight video and contact information in their hands.  Get Noticed and Get Recruited.

Coaches must know about you in order begin a recruitment dialogue with you.  If you follow the steps in our kit you will increase your chances of getting a scholarship.  You may have your sights on a specific school, if it happens that’s great. 

However, you need to be receptive to other programs where your talents are needed.  There are hundreds of colleges and universities.  To increase your probabilities of success, reach out to as many coaches as possible to increase your chances of connecting and playing for the right one.

NCAA Divisions I and II offer athletic scholarships, with over 126,000 student-athletes receiving partial or full athletic scholarships. NCAA Division III colleges can only offer academic scholarships. Each year, the NCAA hands out about $1 billion in athletic scholarships.

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