How Do I Pick A College?


Firstly, familiarize yourself with the various levels of college sports. Then, your next step is to establish your priorities as an athlete.  One of the most important elements in your decision are your level of athletic talent.  You need to self-assess.  Talk to a trusted coach to see where they think you fit.  Do you have the ability to be recruited at the Division 1 level? Do you and coach think you can get an athletic scholarship from a big-name school? Or are you more likely to play at another NCAA or NAIA level?  Secondly, ask what is your commitment to your sport?  Being an NCAA Division I student-athlete comes with a major commitment.  You will be expected to work hard year-round.  You will be hitting the weight room and condition during the off-season.  It's like having a full-time job.  

Academics and Other Considerations

Equally important is that you select a college based on major, career, weather, recreation, and distance to family.  Do you prefer a small campus with more personal attention and mentoring or a large setting with more choices for internships, extracurricular opportunities, etc. Are you interested in a college town, urban surrounding or do you prefer being close to home? Do your top choices include your preferred major or a similar field?  Invest time in visiting websites and social media platforms for information on campus life, cultural, ethnic diversity and religion. This is a time to talk with your family and start making decisions to build your future. Together you can discuss your preferences and start your journey to the next chapter of your life.


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